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The Year in a Snapshot!

Each year we take a step back and look at what has happened in our business, in the forecourt and convenience retail sector and trends in general. This year is no different, and we gathered the team together at the end of December to share all our thoughts on the year we have had and the year to come. There is so much amazing and credible market research out there that we also add this into the mix to help formulate and modify our 2017/2018 plans where appropriate.

Success stories…

Mobile Accessories

With the advancements in technology and ever-growing demand for smartphones, sales opportunities for mobile phone accessories within the convenience sector have never been greater. 2016 was a bumper year for us regards sales of mobile accessories and we foresee this growth will continue in 2017, particularly in forecourts where people often make a ‘distress’ purchase as they have forgotten essential accessories such as adaptors, charging cables and power packs and need to charge up their phone.

Market research undertaken in December 2016 highlighted that mobile accessories are still expected to continue to grow in 2017 and beyond. The most commonly used phone accessories include headphones, earphones, chargers, batteries, power banks, portable cases, memory cards, and portable speakers.

Power packs have always been a great seller for us, but due to the popularity of Pokémon Go, we saw an increased growth in this area. Pokémon Go was 2016’s hottest game partly because it utilizes features like location, motion sensors and augmented reality in smartphones, yet these features consume a ridiculous amount of power which leads to the need for the purchase of power packs.

Obviously, with a power pack, there is the need for a charging cable with most people owning more than one charging cable for ease and convenience. We offer various different charging cable options, from standard USB cables, to high speed and lightning cables for fast charging, to 3 in one and 4 in one cables for different devices.

Whilst many suppliers went out of stock of power packs and charging cables due to the success of Pokémon Go, we were proud to still be able to supply to demand and keep our customers and consumers happy over and powered up!

Mobile accessories

Water bottles

Everyone understands the health benefits of regular water intake yet we all seem to fall short in our suggested daily intake. Having water close by at all times is an easy fix. 2016 became the year of having a water bottle beside you at all times, at work, at play, and at the gym! We saw the continued rise of recycled and recyclable bottles that are kinder to the environment, and bottles that look good and form part of a fashion accessory.

With the rise of re-usable water bottles, we have seen the emergence of the Fusion Bottle, bottles that you can add fruit and ice in a separate chamber for great tasting water.  We were delighted to launch our Fusion Bottle last year and saw some fantastic sales in convenience outlets, with a particular spike in Summer and New Year.


For us and our customers, we are seeing a large growth in gifting products within convenience retail. Consumers are now looking to their local shop or forecourt to offer a ‘one stop shop’ for all their needs, which also includes gifting – for Christmas, Birthdays, and other special dates such as Mothers and Fathers Day. Time poor, consumers expect convenience, so the ability to purchase gifts from a local convenience store or forecourt is a big consumer benefit. No sooner had we sourced and supplied ‘My First Tablet’ and the ‘PXP Console Game’ than they were flying off our customers shelves.

Gifts and Gadgets


The days of shelves being stacked with teddy bears, boxes of chocolate and newspapers are long gone. Convenience outlets are now changing to one stop shops and the larger ones are able to provide most of the essential every day items consumers are searching for.
have been replaced with torches, smartwatches, mobile chargers, power banks, dash cameras and even tablets – to name but a few. Our next blog shares our thoughts on what 2017 will bring – with our view on the ‘must stock items’ in convenience outlets.

2017 is an exciting time for us, not just from a product but also from a company perspective. With business plans ready to activate, and fabulous products ready to launch – we are delighted to celebrate the start of 2017.

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